Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some More Kid Quotes

My class is in a combination Kindergarten graduation, end-of-the-year presentation, and dance recital on Saturday. We practiced our routines today. Little did I know that the patriotic hats the kids are wearing are made with glitter, and it looks like each child has taken a glitter shower. Not to mention that there is glitter ALL OVER the gym floor and the hallway of the school. My boss was not too excited about that, but, hey, she is the one who purchased the hats in the first place. The hats are our props, so we HAD to practice at least once. No hats for the remainder of the week.

6-year old S was talking today about her dad serving in Iraq. I asked her if her mother had ever showed her where Iraq was on a map. She said, "No," so I told her to remind me when we went back inside, and that I would show her where Iraq was on the globe. She replied, "I hope it is near Florida!"

6-year old S (again) was telling me how people get old. She said they have water in their blood that gets old, and then they die. She said that she and I have new water in our blood. Glad to know that and that someone thinks I am still young. LOL

It was quite windy today. 5-year old M and 5-year old I asked me, "What does it mean when there is a lot of wind?" I said, "There is a lot of wind." "Well," they asked, "what does it mean when there is a lot of wind and rain?" I said, "Usually, that is called a 'storm'." They said, "Isn't it a tornado?" We started talking about tornadoes, and I said that I had driven my car through a tornado once. M looked me in the eyes and asked, "Did you survive, Ms. B?"

I was trying to get everyone lined up. M was picking grass, the trash bag was breaking, little S from the preschool room who I watch at playtime for her mom was bawling, I was trying to carry a cookie sheet, bug spray, and my lunchbox, and holding a kid's hand all at the same time. I mentioned that no one was listening to me, and one of the children said, "Everyone loves you, Ms. B!"

Ugh, what a day.

J is doing okay, but she is in the doghouse because she took a shower before I got home, and that was NOT a good idea! She also unloaded the dishwasher!!!!! Grrrrr. I love you, sweetie.

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Raine said...

Glad that J is feeling better. Those comments from the kids must brighten your day.