Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday News

Well, we woke up, and J wasn't feeling too well. She had a dr's appt scheduled for 3:45 p.m anyway. She stayed home from work, which told me she was really feeling lousy. I was afraid that she may have had an incisional hernia because of her symptoms. I went to work but could not keep my mind on my job. I was supposed to come home and pick her up around 3. I left work around 11:00. People at work know J as my "sister." I hate having to lie, but you never know with schools, parents, etc. So I took my sister to the dr. and everything is fine! It is just some fluid buildup which should go away. I still don't understand why she had the pain; she hasn't had that much pain in awhile and was able to go to work half days last week. But PTL! She IS on the road to recovery afterall!!!!
This is not a good picture because it is so dark, but it is a photo of the minister (on the left) and J (on the right) waiting for me to come down the aisle. The photographer took a photo (which I have no digital copy of) of J closeup about two seconds after this photo, waiting for me to come down the aisle. I think it is my favorite photo of her because she looks so happy!


Anonymous said...

My prayers for her to get well soon.

Nice pic and shows how much she loves u:)

same person who asked about Jane Elliot


LL Cool Joe said...

That's a great photo. :)