Monday, May 4, 2009

Speed Dating

CrapImalesbian posted about lesbian speed dating, and I think that if J and I had done speed dating, we would have totally connected the first time and had to leave the establishment. LOL I'm not kidding! There was a DEFINITE connection with us once we were finally formally introduced. I remember that I was trying to get her attention. I was trying to make her laugh. There is nothing that compares to the way J laughs. She laughs from the gut. It is relentless.

I think that speed dating is great. Think of all the dinner tabs and embarrassing and boring moments it spares you? I once went on a blind date where the guy actually had a FILE on me! How weird is that? I once went on a date with a dentist (okay, I totally admit it. I answered a personal ad in the Houston Chronicle on a dare from a friend. She didn't do much better.). I swear, he was looking at my teeth the entire evening, and my teeth are nothing special to look at. It was a total drag of an evening.

But with J, just hanging out for a couple of hours at Square Pan Pizza was a blast, playing air guitar to My Sharona and hugging "goodbye." Man, there is no comparison! I wanted so much for her to take me to prom. I really envy you ladies who went to prom together. I think we would have looked magnificent together in turquoise! I have to admit, that during homecoming, I secretly wanted J to buy me a mum, maybe even a double or triple mum! I would have melted. How cool would that have been to have had an anonymous triple mum at homecoming! I would have been the only one who would have known who it was from, and my stomach would have been doing flip flops during the entire football game, straining my neck from the woodwind section of the band to look up at the brass section in the stands?? Oh, my, how I secretly longed to kiss her!

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Butler and Bagman said...

Ah! Reconecting with old loves. What a thrill.