Friday, May 1, 2009


I am sooo glad it's Friday. What a week!
Last night I applied for nine jobs with the largest district in Houston (hint,hint), which is something I said I would never do again. I have worked for two ISDs in Houston in the past, one year with the above mentioned and three years with a smaller one. I said I would never go back to the bureacracy. But -- would it be different for me in a non-teaching position, which is what I applied for? I know there would still be bureaucracy, but would I be able to make more of a positive difference in children's lives if I was in more of an administrative job? Or would I just continue to be pooped on by those above me? Would I have more of a say in what goes on, or would I still be squashed like a bug for speaking out? My one and only year there, I witnessed a teacher hit a child because she was talking in line. I reported it to the principal and was basically told that he wasn't going to do anything about it, and that if I tried to take it higher, it could mean my job. And at that time, I was not in a position to lose my job. So I decided right then and there that would be my last year in that district. If I had to stand by and not be able to protect a child, then I just couldn't do the job at all anymore. So if I get called for an interview, will I go? Should I go? I would get a good salary and good benefits. Would it be worth it? Do I want to see the junk that goes on in administration, I mean, REALLY see it? I already know it's there. That's what's wrong with the system. Would it be really stressful for me, or would I look forward to going to work more every day? Hmmmm.

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