Thursday, January 8, 2009

ABCs About Me

Got from L.L. Cool Joe, but he doesn’t even know who I am. So if you know him, please tell him I said "thanks"!

-Age: late 40s
- Annoyance: when the toilet paper roll is almost empty
- Allergic: nothing that I know of
- Animal: dog
- Actor: Denzel Washington, especially his earlier films; Meryl Streep

- Beer: no, thank you
- Birthday/Birthplace: February 15th, Indiana
- Best Friends: J
- Best feeling in the world: seeing my daughter graduate this May
- Blind or Deaf: blind
- Best weather: 70 degrees
- Been in Love: have been since I was 17
- Been bitched out? Oh, yeah
- Been on stage? Yep, many times
- Believe in yourself? No way
- Believe in life on other planets: yes
- Believe in miracles: you betcha
- Believe in Magic: not the rabbit-out-of-the-hat kind
- Believe in God: yes
- Believe in Satan: yes
- Believe in Santa: no, but “he” brought me a Sonic card for Christmas
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: yes

- Car: Saturn Vue and a Chevrolet Malibu I’m trying to get rid of
- Candy: Three Musketeers Bar
- Color: purple!- Cried in school: I doubt it
- Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate
- Chinese/Mexican food: Mexican
- Cake or pie: cold chocolate cake with chocolate icing
- Countries to visit: Italy, Austria

- Day or Night: night
- Dream vehicle: anything that doesn’t break down
- Danced: huh?
- Dance in the rain? nope
- Dance in the middle of the street? Don’t think so

- Eggs: scrambled
- Eyes: hazel
- Everyone has a: dream
- Ever failed a class? No, I drop them before that happens

- First crush: no clue
- Full name: not telling
- First thoughts waking up: I don’t want to go to work!
- Food: Mexican

- Greatest Fear: that J will die
- Gum: not very often
- Get along with your parents? Right now, no
- Good luck charms: J, my kids

- Hair Color: brown with highlights (okay, okay, there’s gray under there)
- Height: 5’9”
- Happy: to a certain extent
- Holidays: depressing
- How do you want to die: holding J’s hand
- Health freak? no- Hate: bigots

I(In guys/girls)
- Eye color: green
- Hair Color: dark
- Height: shorter than me
- Clothing Style: whatever she’s comfortable in. My favorite is her sweater vest or her Sponge Bob pajama top
- Characteristics: happy, loving, faithful

- Ice Cream: dutch chocolate or mint chocolate chip
- Instrument: flute/guitar

- Jewelry: rings, toe ring, necklace, earrings
- Job: teacher

- Kids: 2
- Kickboxing or karate: Neither. I can’t stand the sweat on the floor!
- Keep a journal? Nope, but my blog sort of serves as one

- Longest Car Ride: to Canada and back
- Love: being held by J
- Letter: as in alphabet?
- Laughed so hard you cried: when J tickled the heck out of me
- Love at first sight: no, not for me unfortunately. Took me awhile to wake up.

- Milk flavor: flavored milk? yuck
- Movie: oh, man, too many to list
- Mooned anyone? no
- Marriage: yes, we’re not going to talk about that
- Motion sickness? sometimes
- McD's or BK: BK Whopper with Cheese

- Number of Siblings: 1
- Number of Piercings: None, but I want a navel ring.
- Number:

- Overused Phrases: do not, cannot, will not
- One wish: that my kids will forgive me
- One phobia: that J will die, heights, closed in places

- Place you'd like to live: San Marcos, Texas
- Pepsi/Coke: Diet Coke with cherry

- Quail: ate it once baked with grapes

- Reason to cry: when I miss my kids
- Reality T.V. : Wife Swap, Amazing Race
- Radio Station: talk radio
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: sure

- Song: “You’re My Everything”
- Sushi: you can’t pay me to eat it
- Skipped school: yes, government class in high school
- Slept outside: sure
- Seen a dead body?: yes, many
- Skinny dipped?: yep
- Shower daily?: try to
- Sing well?: that depends on whose listening
- Sing In the shower? Not anymore
- Swear?: rarely
- Stuffed Animals?: no, left them all at the house
- Single/Group dates: single
- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries
- Scientists need to invent: a cure for cancer

- Time for bed: 9:00 o’clock LOL
- Thunderstorms: am scared of them, but find them very romantic
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: no, why would anyone want to do that?

- Unpredictable: no
- Under the influence?: not at the moment, darn it
- Understanding?: I think so

- Vegetable you hate: brussel sprouts, green peas, lima beans!
- Vegetable you love: potatoes
- Vacation spot: cruise to Alaska (dream on)

- Weakness: cheese
-When you grow up: I will be self-sufficient
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: none of them, thankfully
- Who makes you laugh the most: J and my kids
- Worst feeling: leaving my kids in their beds October 10th
- Wanted to be a model?: no way
- Where do we go when we die: heaven
- Worst weather: hurricanes
- Walk with a book on your head?: yes, I can

- X-Rays: teeth, elbow, fingers

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: sunshine

- Zoo animal: monkeys or sea lions
- Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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