Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad Hair Day

I tried to upload a bad hair day picture, but blogger is not letting me. Anyway, today at school 5-yr-old S said to me, "Ms. B, remember the other day when you were having a bad hair day?" I said, "Yes." She said, "Well, you're having another one." Ha ha!

My assistant had a BAD asthma attack during class, and it upset the kids. Then later, one of the boys who is usually the SWEETEST boy you could ever imagine said, "What the hell." Could have knocked me over with a feather!

Well, we have the Flamingo Wedding Chapel reserved for March 1st in Las Vegas. I really like it. It is very simple. We got the chapel for 30 minutes. We still have to pick out invitations, rings, clothes. Ugh! It is all happening soooo fast! Can't wait, though.

Today I did not do well at work. I lost my patience, I did. Monday, on the first day back, the kids were angels. Today they turned into creepos. I mean, I didn't yell or anything, I really never do. But it just seemed like everyone was needy and whiny, and I am just not into taking care of needy and whiny kids right now. I just have no sympathy for them today.

In our classroom we have a hug basket. It's a basket that starts out empty. "Hugs" are actually colored ponytail holders. There are probably about 45 of them. We put hugs in the basket for lots of things. If a student answers a hard question, does a challenging piece of work super fast, or does something especially nice for someone or for the class, we put a hug in the basket. This is usually followed by a classwide "yea"! When it is full, the class gets a special treat, like special erasers, piece of candy, etc. Likewise, if someone does something against the rules or the class is not listening, we take hugs out of the basket. Like if I find that two rugs have not been rolled up correctly, I remove two hugs from the basket. That is always followed by a classwide "awwww."

J is THE hug in my basket. She puts a smile on my face at the end of a hard day. I LOVE it when she comes home at night. I sometimes cry when she leaves in the morning. If I could be with her all day, every day, that would be heaven. I am soooo happy that she waited 23 years for me. Now, how many people can say that someone waited that long for them? Not very many, I'd bet.

Well, the neighbors upstairs are pounding on the floor again. Guess that means it's time to start dinner. Tonight we are having scallops. I hope J likes dinner. It's one of the ways that I can show her how special she is to me. She works so hard all day and sits in traffic for HOURS. If I can get a job closer to town, we will probably move from here when our lease is up in October.

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