Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I went back to work yesterday after a two-week break. Man, the kids seem to have grown sooo much, and two of them came back reading!!! Woohoo!

Every day we have a "child of the day" who holds the flag, always leads the line, passes out paper, etc. Whenever I leave the room, the child of the day is the "monitor." I don't know why K-1 kids would need a monitor, but the kids seem to think it's essential. In fact, they are constantly bugging me to have someone in charge of helping the monitor, sort of a monitor monitor.

Anyway, today I just HAD to go to the bathroom, so I left G in charge as "monitor." The bathroom is connected to the classroom. While I was on the pot (ha ha), I heard them all "whispering", "Shhhh, Ms. B is going to the bathroom." LOL I think they were all listening to me pee! Anyway, it was hysterical because when I came out to wash my hands, 15 kids were staring at me, silent as mice. I said to them, "Yes, even teachers have to take a restroom break," and we all laughed.

This month is FULL of activities. J and I are having a game night on the 24th, going to see Vickie Shaw on the 25th. The 17th I have to go to a divorced parents class for the court. J is going to buy us a "tree" for our balcony at some plant show. And on the 18th I am going to go see my 15-yr-old perform in Narnia, the musical. She is going to be one of the dancers this time.

Speaking of balcony, I am having a hard time adjusting to apartment living. For one thing, last night (we are on the 2nd floor of 3 floors), the people below us were barbequing on their patio. They used so much lighter fluid, that J and I were breathing it in, and that was with our door closed! A couple of nights ago, I was awakened at 4:30 in the morning (I checked the clock) to the sound of the neighbors upstairs having sex. The bed springs were squeaking in that certain rhythm that everyone knows, and it TOTALLY grossed me out (or I have to admit that I might have been secretly saying to myself, "How come I'm not getting any right now?" But J (ha ha) unfortunately was sound asleep. Next, the same people upstairs seem to rearrange their furniture on a nightly basis, while they are at the same time dropping objects on the floor that must weigh AT LEAST 20 lbs each. I am about ready to tell them that we need a schedule. When J and I are in the living room trying to watch TV, they need to be in their bedroom doing their thing. When J and I are in the bedroom, they need to be in the living room or kitchen. Doesn't that sound like a reasonable request?

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Sabrae Carter said...

LOL! You "think" they are rearranging the furniture! lol