Friday, January 23, 2009


A story from today at school - A, a 6-yr-old girl told me, "Ms. B, today I am staying after school for awhile because my daddy is having an infection, and my mommy has to put his mind back together." She was dead serious. I asked her several times to clarify and she wouldn't change her story. Ha ha. Turns out, her dad had some sort of out-patient surgery today. Kids sure turn things around.

Well, wish us luck with tomorrow night's party. I am really nervous. There are three people coming whom I have not met yet, and I have to cook for them!

I bought a blow-up plastic flamingo today at Party City to take along to Vegas so everyone there can sign it. I also found some neat party favors to give our guests. Not telling because I know one of them is reading this. That would be YOU JD!

J is coming home a little late tonight, and then we will have dinner and relax. I love Fridays. I will try to write more this weekend. My brain is just fried. Maybe I need my mind put back together. LOL

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Rebecca said...

The two of you just glow!
Love the pics.