Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why I Love Her

I love the way she talks to me when she thinks that I am sleeping.
I love it when I stroke her hair and it falls perfectly back in place.
I love the way her smile and laughter set my heart aglow.
That's why I love her.

I love when I reach for her in the night; she is always there.
When I hear a noise and she hears it too, she's up in a flash to protect me.
I love the way she snores like a duck, even though it keeps me awake.
I love the way she holds me close and tells me she will never leave me.
She treats me like a princess even when I am a drama queen.
That's why I love her.

Receiving her love is sometimes hard, like flying into the wind.
It feels so good hitting your face, that sometimes you have to look away.
But you always come back for more.
It's like a magic carpet ride -- I don't care where we go, just don't ever land.

And I love that she is the same, sweet girl as before, only even more beautiful than I can remember.
The love in her eyes makes me feel 17 again.
I have always loved her with more passion than will fill a room.
And an attraction so deep and stronger than any magnetic force on earth
She is and forever will be my soulmate.
And that's why I love her.

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