Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Hate Sundays

As some of you may know, I HATE SUNDAYS! It's the day before I have to go back to work. Sometimes I cry for no apparent reason. J says I try to ruin the day before it even starts.
Today, we were at Randall's checking out at the register. The cashier is handicapped. It appears that his left arm has palsy or something. Anyway, he does most everything with his right arm/hand.
What made him start slinging the groceries down the conveyor belt towards me, turning beet red in the face, and kind of grunting to himself? I mean, he was REALLY angry. The only thing that we can figure out is this: Dr. Peppers were buy two, get one free. J put one 12-pack on the conveyor belt and left the other two in the cart. She was going to tell him when he rang up the one that we had the other two; that is what other cashiers usually tell her to do, "Don't put them all up here, just one to ring it up." Anyway, that seems to be where the trouble started. He had these "thank you" stickers that you have to put on the boxes, to show that they are paid for. I guess he saw the other two cartons in our basket, and assumed that we were trying to take advantage of him and sneak out the door with them. He pretty much bolted out of his kiosk to put the stickers on the cartons (we would have been glad to do that, which is what is normally done). The first item he rung up was a Sunday newspaper, which he immediately "slung" my way toward the end of the conveyor belt. I would have been glad to have bagged most of the groceries, as there was no bagger, but he made sure we knew he was pissed off as he started literally cramming (over cramming, mind you) items into the bags. J kept looking at me like, "What did we do?" I did kind of chuckle when he stuck one of the "thank you" stickers on his forehead. It just got worse when one of the bags tore and he attempted to double bag it but it just wasn't working. He got really angry at the bag, and I was looking around for a manager. He was SO ANGRY! He then just kept slinging the over bagged bags of groceries towards me.
Then it was kinda funny. All of a sudden at the end of our groceries he said, "Do you need help out with this? Have a wonderful day." I was really shocked that J did not call the manager, but I have never been with her in situations like this. Even in the parking lot I was suggesting that we go back inside and report him. In the end, we decided that we would let it slide and just never get in his line again. Maybe he doesn't like lesbians ha ha. I think J was quite offended that he would think she was trying to steal those Dr. Peppers; but as I told her, there are probably people who have tried to take advantage of him in the past. Maybe J doesn't have a very honest face LOL. Still, the situation could have been totally avoided it he had just asked, "Oh, did you know you have some more Dr. Peppers in the cart?"
Today, we watched the Bucket List. It was okay, but I thought it was supposed to be a comedy. It had some funny parts, but it was kind of depressing, too.
Well, I have enjoyed reading your blogs this weekend. I'm sorry I haven't made any comments. I'm going to go enjoy my last four hours of the weekend with J.


Asphalt Cowboy said...

This has nothing to do about your post, but I saw on another blog you're thinking of taking a trip to Alaska. I'm from Anchorage, moved away only a few years back. If you need anything let me know. Resturants, sites, etc...local knowledge!

Rebecca said...

I hope this Sunday is going MUCH better!!!!