Monday, January 26, 2009


Well, remember that I said we were having a game night here on Saturday night? It ended up being a surprise shower for J and I. It was really fun! They brought balloons and flowers. I also got a corsage; J got a boutonniere (there's that word again that I never can spell). They gave me a sash that said "Bride", and J's said "Groom." LOL

We got some LOVELY gifts. Everything was wonderful. And the food, my goodness! There was soooo much food. Someone brought Cherry Rum, and we had Margaritas and Mai Tais, as well, as wine.

C made us magnets that have B & J, March 1, 2009, Lucky at Love, a casino themed picture. I put one on our frig even though J doesn't like magnets on the frig. LOL

We played lots of games, too. First was Cranium, then Taboo, then Mad Gabs (that was my favorite), a word game, and Scattergories (my second favorite). Thanks to all of you gals who came. It is a night J and I will never forget. Please send us photos of the event if you have any.

Last night was our experience at the lesbian bar in Houston. I was a nervous wreck, plus, I wasn't feeling well after dinner, so I'm not sure I got an accurate feel for the place. Jenny McNulty and Vickie Shaw were there. I thought Vickie was really funny, but I did not find her very personable afterward when we were buying one of her DVDs. Maybe she wasn't feeling too well. Or maybe she's an introvert turned comedian. She just wasn't what I expected, and I was a bit disappointed. And the lady she had helping her with her DVDs was rude to J. J gave her a fifty to pay for a $25 DVD. The lady said, "Who the hell brings a fifty with them?" She ought to be glad we purchased anything at all after that remark. Got two more magnets from Vickie. Those were free -- whoopty doo! Put those on the refrigerator, as well. Sorry, honey.

I can't really tell you much about the lesbian bar because I tried to stay focused on the stage. There was one butch who wouldn't let me going into the restroom. I ended up on the other side of the club by a different bar. I felt sooo stupid because I was so intimidated. I probably wouldn't have felt that way had I not been feeling pretty ill at that point. There was a couple who had been together for 45 years. When Vickie asked them how they met, neither one of them could remember. I wasn't really that uncomfortable because it was a show. I would probably have to go back during a regular night to see how it really is. J liked being able to hold my hand in a public place, and we also held hands in the street while walking back to the car.

Tomorrow night the apartments are having a dinner/bingo night with food catered from the Olive Garden. We are thinking about going to that. Maybe we can meet our upstairs neighbors and sneak something into their drinks. Grrrrr. I really am nicer in person than I sound.

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