Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Questions, Questions

How clean is your bathroom? We just had a party, so it probably needs cleaning again, not that our guests were messy or anything.

In what state was your heart broken...the first time?Texas

Fishing: fun or I'd rather watch the grass grow? As long as I don't have to bait the hook or take the fish off the hook. Yeah, you do all the work; I'll just hold the line.

Yes or No: I consider myself to be an artist. No, only if drawing stick figures counts.

When was the last time you took a 'personal' day? What did you do? Last week, and I think my boss is pissed. Slept late, ran errands, hung out with J. She played hooky, too!

If you got asked to be an extra in a gay movie, would you do it? If there was no sex involved.

Describe your perfect day from 8 AM - Midnight. Sleep late. Hang with J. Hang with my kids. Cook a special, candlelit dinner, cheesecake, watch tons of movies. Save the dirty dishes for another day.

Why is your favorite person your favorite person? Because she ALWAYS makes me feel special.

What is your best quality? I care.

Your worst? I take things very personally.

The color red makes me feel: like I'm about to have a hot flash

Your favorite/most memorable book of all time? Hop on Pop

Are you more comfortable in an urban environment or a rural environment? Rural

I wish I was: skinny

Someday I'd like to have: J's last name

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