Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My first day. Don't know why it's sideways.

I am literally drowning in info. Started my job yesterday; ready to quit tonight. No, seriously, my brain is on total overload. I will not have much time to check blogs, only skim them, so if you want me to stop at yours you need to a) come up with a VERY catchy title of your post, b) post a really cool picture, or c) leave me a comment. If not, I am gonna fly right by your blog until I have time to come up for air. Do I think I can do this job? Yes. I have 2 weeks to try to learn everything. But right now I am feeling really stupid and defeated. Surgery is still scheduled for Friday. That also bums me because it is one day less that I will have to train.

I love ya, sweetheart!


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This Mom said...

Starting a new job is tough. Every day is one day more of experience you'll have. Just take a deep breath and remember who you get to go home to. Are you smiling yet?