Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last Night

Last night we went to a party for A and JD's birthdays. I took pictures, but my stupid flash didn't go off. There was tons of good food, margaritas, and games. First we played Dirty Minds. It was okay, but the game didn't last more than one round. Then we started to play Mad Gabs, which I love, but the game just never took off. So we sat around and just chatted. JD and I compared nipple scars. J and I got to hold Baby L for as long as we wanted to. Makes me want a baby again, but J doesn't want any. Then we got on the Wii and played skiing, hula hooping, and soccer head boppin (that was my favorite). I couldn't play the other games like bowling and golf because of my incision, but I was half asleep anyway. Today will be spent trying to finish that stupid kit that I have to return to the school this week and typing up tons of notes for my new job. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS JOB! I still have five full days to learn everything I can.

J just left for the grocery store. Then we are going to Barnes & Noble and to look for me a couple of jackets for work. Still pondering Twitter, but when is there time? Probably after I get the hang of my job. I imagine I will be coming in early, staying late, and maybe even doing to Saturday work for awhile until I get comfortable.

One good thing, though, I don't LOATHE Sundays anymore!


hpabate said...

Hello thank you so much for the compliment, I am glade your surgery went as planned. It is tough having all that stress on your plate wondering and waiting, life seems unfair at times, but if we just hang on the end result should come out as planned if we stick to having our faith in the right place. Take care, stop over again sometime.



Anonymous said...
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CJ said...

I never Twitter anymore. Heck, I'm lucky if I remember to blog!!