Thursday, July 16, 2009


Still no news on the job. KEEP PRAYING! Hopefully, will find out today and get the wait over with. I am a wreck. If I get the job, I want to have a party Saturday night!

My surgery is scheduled for Friday, July 24th. JD is having hers Wednesday, July 22nd. Too bad we can't have a double ceremony. Tee hee! We could split the cost of the operating room, and the doc would simply have to turn around to complete the next person. Maybe we could even save by sharing an IV bag and pole; separate needles, of course. See, health care doesn't have to cost so much if you just plan it out in advance! We could call it "Share a Surgery". If patients share hospital rooms, why can't they share operating rooms? Seems logical to me. How about it JD?

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