Thursday, July 16, 2009


Just wanted you to meet some of my new friends!!!!

Wanted you to see a pic of JD since I talk about her so much. She is the one having the surgery like me. She has lost 80 plus lbs! Her husband is the one trying to help get me get a job at HISD. Her mom is the lady that bought the Malibu. Here is a photo with JD and her godson taken in May. I like JD because she is an adventurer. She will try ANYTHING once, including a lesbian bar! She is a bucket list type person, always up early in the morning (I THINK?), going somewhere, anywhere and she never shuts up, period. She likes to organize get togethers. One funny thing about her is that if she has half a dacquiri or half a glass of wine, she gets "drunk" and falls asleep. She missed an entire afternoon in Vegas because she drank one half of a dacquiri and had to go back to the hotel and sleep it off. LOL She thinks it may have something to do with gastric bypass surgery? JD has two dachshounds (a favorite breed of mine) and lives in my old neighborhood. She loves photography and took a lot of the photos of J and I that I have posted here on our blog. We are giving her a party for her 36th birthday next Saturday. So far there are 16 rsvps. I am very appreciative of JD because she has been a great friend to J and has been very supportive of our relationship. So, hey give her a shout out! Here is her blog addy:

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