Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Haven't Forgotten

I want you all to know that I haven't forgotten to finish the Entrapment story. I have just been soooo stressed about getting a new job. Thinking about actually writing that story down just stresses me out more. I should know something today or tomorrow. I am going in for a second interview today to meet the second attorney, so PLEASE keep praying or sending good thoughts!

Yesterday was a looooong day. I put 220 miles on my car in such a short time. I went with K19 to the college and then signed her up for classes. Then I went to Houston, to the medical center to have my mammogram. (Preface: I have an appt with a surgeon Thursday who I am supposed to take ultrasound films to, along with the mammogram films.) So I get to the mammogram place and they say I am supposed to have a mammogram AND an ultrasound. I had already called my ob/gyn and told him I didn't need an ultrasound, already had one. That the ob/gyn had accidentally checked the ultrasound box.

So the mammogram lady said, "Well, where are the ultrasound films?" I told her that they were at the other hospital, where I had the ultrasound done, and that I was supposed to pick them up Wednesday (today) to take to surgeon on Thursday. She said that the radiologist WOULD NOT do a mammogram without having the ultrasound films first. (Are you getting any of this?)

So I had to cancel my mammogram appt and reschedule for Wednesday (today). They will try to fit me in around 1:00. Then I had to drive back through Houston to the other hospital. I told them, "I know I told you I would pick up the films tomorrow (Wednesday-today), but I really need them today, because I have a job interview tomorrow." Praise God, the films were ready!

Then I drove back by the apt to put the films in there because it is over 100 degrees out here, drove all the way back to Tomball (where my kids live), picked up K15 and took her to the college to study for two hours. Then we went to have our nails done and out to eat. Then I had to drive back to Tomball to take her home and then back into Houston to our apt.

I hope today is a bit less busy.
Talk to you guys later! Got to go put on my business suit!

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e said...

What a bunch of argy-bargy! They certainly could have done the mammogram without the ultrasound. Hmm...

Keep remembering to breathe.