Thursday, July 16, 2009

Twitter Question

A lot of people have asked if I am on Twitter. I have gone to their website, but still have some questions that are not answered there. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT and answer some questions for me. Thank you!

1. Can I use Twitter on my cell phone via text messages? Using the internet on my cell phone is time consuming, so that is why I would rather text.

2. Since we pay Verizon to get unlimited text messages, if #1 is yes, does that mean it will be free to me?

3. If you have Twitter, and I decide to use it, please check back and send me your Twitter information. I will be making a decision as soon as I have answers to the above two questions. I don't want to Tweet on my computer. If I have to sit at my computer do tweet, I might as well just blog. Thanks.


Rebecca said...

Answers to questions:
1 Yes and you get ALL the tweets from the people you follow, we found out you can't yet sort them. I don't do it on my phone because I follow 400 and have over 300 followers....what a lot of messages!
2 Yes but do you have a keyboard pad on your phone? cause it's hard to do it the "old fashioned" way.....
3 RC_TruthAndLove, but I tweet a lot of politics and blog posts (just a warning, LOL)

Miss Emily said...

I use twitter a fair amount. At least once daily, no more than 3. emgoesbananas