Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Day Off

Our wedding guests L to R: M, JD, B, S, A, and L. We were soooo happy for the support! Bottom photo is the lion outside of the MGM. Saturday a.m. we went to the M&M Factory, which is four floors of M&M merchandise for sale, and the Coca-Cola store, which had merchandise and a bar where you could get custom sodas.
J and I both stayed home sick today. I'm not sure what she has -- probably a bad sinus infection??? She is a lot sicker than I am. I have an ear infection. We both got shots and tons of meds. The good thing that came of it is that I have a new doctor's office now and got a trial set of blood pressure meds. My bp was lower than it was a few weeks ago but still borderline. Also, I have lost 11 pounds since my last visit to the doctor! Woohoo! Guess the thyroid meds are finally kicking in because I sure haven't exercised.
When we got to the dr's office today, J went in first, so we were put in separate rooms. When the nurse practitioner came in to my room, she said, looking at my ring finger, "Did you just get married?" That was a shocking question since I had just checked off the box "divorced" on the new patient info sheet not a half-hour before. Nothing came out of my mouth, unusual, I know, J. So she asked, "Did you get married this weekend in Las Vegas?" I said, "Yes," and she said, "Okay. I just wanted to make sure I got the right person. Congratulations!" I am sooo not used to anyone being happy for us. It seems like so many people have been sooo against us for so long.
My "ex" best friend texted me today and told me, "I saw your girls last night at Walmart. They are so beautiful. It must be so hard not to see them everyday. I don't know how you do it????"(stress on the question marks there) Was that a bitchy remark?
I know one thing: I will be soooo glad when my darling is feeling better. She says that she is a terrible patient. I wouldn't say that. It's just that I am trying to take care of her, but she won't let me because she says I am sick, as well. I did LITERALLY throw a dinner together for her last night; we seemed to be out of everything. And I did clean a lot of the apartment before she got home from work. I slept on the couch last night so that I would not keep her awake with my constant coughing. One more day at work tomorrow (my boss is gonna be pissed because I missed work today), and then it will be spring break for me!
Everyone please pray or think good thoughts for J and her knee. It is acting up again. The elevator in her parking garage has been out since Ike. I don't want her to need surgery.

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