Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saw this on the just eat your cupcake blog: Thanks, Maria.
Google your first name and the words: needs, wants, loves, hates, believes, wishes, sleeps, smells, eats, tastes, and realizes. See what you get. This is what I came up with:

B needs a german shepherd.
Don't need one, but I sure do love dogs.

B wants You Tube.
So true. I love You Tube!

B hates guns.
Yes! I absolutely abhor them!

B believes in God.

B wishes she'd never been to New York.
Have never been but would love to go were it not for flying.

B sleeps (can't).
Another yes. I have lots of problems sleeping. Just ask J!

B smells Mick's shirt.
Don't know Mick, and I would never smell his shirt.

B tastes muffins & chewy chocolaty fudge brownies.
They're okay, but I'm not much of a muffin or sweet eater.

B realizes she is not living the life she wants to.
So not true because I finally am!

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