Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, today was the interview. J wrote a very nice Power Point for me, and I presented it. Well, back up. The position was for "enrollment counselor" at a university. Okay, before you laugh your butt off -- I didn't know it was a high pressure sales job in disguise. Make that me and the six other applicants that were there with me. One woman left after about 15 minutes. Found out the position involved making 120 to 200 sales calls per day to try to recruit students. Performance evaluations would be done every few months, and your salary could decrease if you had a "bad month." Also, it was more of a temp for 90 days to hire position. The job description said nothing of this.
Anyway, there were five women and two men. Everyone else was wearing black or dark gray. However, I really liked the suit we picked out. It has more of a spring feel to it. And I was the only one wearing a skirt.
The lady liked my presentation and was impressed with my speaking ability. I wasn't that nervous because, after all, I ended up giving my presentation to only her and the other applicants. The 2-3 university employees I was supposed to give it to were not present. I came right out and told the woman that the position was not what I thought it was, and that I was more interested in becoming an "academic counselor", which she mentioned this position was NOT at the beginning of her presentation. She said that that department was hiring as well, so she is going to pass my resume along to them. Also, she recommended a position of "corporate liason." This would involve going to schools and companies and presenting the university to them, developing a relationship with them, and getting leads. Really, she seemed more impressed with my educational background than my business background, where I thought it would have been the other way around. She kept stressing that she would have me work mainly with students who were interested in a degree in education.
So, no, I do not have a new job, but it did boost my confidence for the next interview I have and reminded me that I CAN speak in public if it is about a topic I believe in.
My next question is, if this university calls me back in for another interview, will I go for it? Do I want to work for a company that I feel misled me and others with this job description? Hmm, I am not sure. If the interview was for academic counselor, maybe. I kind of doubt I will go for it if it is for the corporate liason. I kind of like the idea of having a desk space, coming to the same place everyday. And besides, I think I am getting too old to travel around from place to place, lugging a laptop and brochures, passing out pens and koozies to passersby. Been there, done that.

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Rebecca said...

While it's too bad the interview wasn't for the job you thought it was, I am glad you got some ideas from it and did well to boost your confidence!
You will find that perfect job I am sure!