Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hmmm, like the blog I got this from says, "Someone working at Target has way too much time on their hands." I wish my OCD made me this organized. Well... maybe I don't, lol.

Today took 15-yr-old shopping. It went well. I bought her her first thong. What a momentous occasion ha ha. She got some really cute things. Is looking for a formal dress. It is really hard to decide which one to get; they are all so unique. I think she is going to go back for the black one. Her favorite, a creme color, didn't go with her skin tone. There is a new color out this year, sort of a cross between pink and peach. It's gorgeous. But all of them we saw dipped down too far in the back or were out of our price range.

Things were much more relaxed today. She got real quiet a few times in the car -- not sure what that was about; maybe she was just deep in thought. She put her arms around me in the mall. We talked about friends, boys, tampon brands, ha ha, just about everything under the sun, except for J, of course. That will be coming up soon because, you see, my plan is to have her over here at the apartment next time for the day. J will go to her mom's. I want her to see where we live, that I do have a life. I think it will give her a sense of security knowing where to find me if she needed to. Not knowing where I am at night, well, I think that would feel quite strange not knowing where your mom actually is.

I want to publicly thank Rebecca on her wonderful posts last week on Christianity. I needed to hear ALL OF THAT! I have gleaned a lot from her thoughts and research on the subject, and I plan to go back during spring break and tear into her posts bit by bit. Check her blog out if you get the chance -

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Rebecca said...

Oh B! I am glad you had a great Mom/Daughter day. I think your idea about having her over is inspired! and thanks, for the mention and the link, I am touched that you liked my post.
Thank you!