Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Photos from Vegas

This is a photograph of a purse made entirely of green M&M wrappers. Can you read the price tag? A mere 250 bucks. How about that? I am in the wrong business.
The second photograph is of us as we were walking out of the chapel. The smile on J's face is priceless. It wasn't because she married me; it was because she was glad the ceremony was over and she didn't have to speak in public anymore.
I cannot believe that we both came back sick; I just wasn't expecting that. I knew that we would be very tired, though.
I got a new assistant. She is already complaining about the dust bothering her allergies. She has already lasted longer than the last one, less than a day. You all probably think I am chasing these assistants away. Nooooo. They are just smart and know a bad situation when they see one.

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