Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Few Pics from Our Trip

#1: Me at Devil's Backbone. I can't stand this photo because my hair is blowing, but J liked it. #2Me and J at Gristmill Restaurant in Gruene, Texas

#3: J at Aquarena Center in San Marcos, Texas. Isn't she beautiful? #4: Me again with the blowing hair at Aquarena. That glowing neon necklace around my neck is leftover from our margarita glasses the night before. J bought me the alumni shirt at the campus bookstore.


Tonya said...

Both of you look very happy!! Thanks for sharing the picture!

Diane said...

nothing's cuter than two hotties in love!

This Mom said...

Great pictures! I've enjoyed reading your story, it brings back a lot of memories of how my own relationship started. It's so wonderful that you found your way back to your one true love. I'd love to hear how you finally reconnected for good after so long apart.

Grumpy Granny said...

You know what, you guys look WAY younger since you got married. Love is good for you!!