Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Plans

I have really enjoyed reading your blogs this week. There are some interesting things going on in your lives. Life is humming along here.

Easter turned out better than I thought it would. J and I went to church. Boy, did it ever rain buckets that morning. Being the wonderful woman she is, she went and got the car for me so that my Easter dress would not be drenched. Drove up to my parents' place about an hour away with Easter baskets, a book for my dad, and a bottle of white wine in hand. Came home with all sorts of crap. Turns out, my mom bought me a t-shirt on her trip, and I was the only one who got one! Borrowed some of her books with her blessing, and Dad sent a Reader's Digest about job hunting. Ex gave me some more of my CD's he found. Now if I could just get some of my DVDs.

Everyone kind of talked around me for the first 15 minutes or so. Seemed like they were in conversations that they had been in before my arrival. My girls were super quiet the whole day. My brother and his wife were pleasant to me and still on their "Costco is king" kick. Lunch talk centered around my mom's leukemia update (good results) and people from the past we had spoken to. About a 30-minute conversation after lunch about topsy-turveys (the plant that hangs upside down), and then it was time to do dishes and sit around waiting for our stomachs to empty so we could have dessert (from Costco, of course). After dishes, ex and I had a long talk with the youngest about her myspace page, driver's ed, and school. We watched the golf tournament, and my mom addressed daughter's graduation invitations. Dessert happened, and then we listened to my parents' squabble over whether there was a blinking light at a certain intersection I was to turn at on the back roads to take my grandmother home. I hugged my dad, my grandma, my youngest, and then my oldest turned around and walked off when it was her turn. I followed her and hugged her. I wasn't going to hug my brother, but he came up and hugged me when I was literally "sneaking" out the back door. No "I love yous" this time between he and I, which we usually do. So, all in all, a less stressful Easter than Christmas, that's for sure.

Daughter and I drove through a hailstorm Thursday night, and now I have a ding in my windshield that I hope I can have fixed before it starts to crack. It stormed really badly here yesterday, and we are due for more rain today. Would love to stay in bed with J all day and listen to it hit the bay window, but I am going to have lunch with my grandma, and she is going to have lunch with her mom.

I spoke to my parents several times this week about one thing or another, and they have been just as nice as can be to me on the phone.

I was reprimanded several times this week by my boss. She always starts out by saying, "You know I love you but..." She always tries to hold my hand, which I am learning to keep behind me.

I am getting a new student Monday who will be a challenge. He reminds me of a student I had years ago. He is extremely intelligent, but he seems to cover up his low self-esteem with a "tough boy" attitude. Should be an interesting week. He is definitely one who is going to try to test me and see what he can get away with, I can already tell.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

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Maria said...

Sometimes I wonder why everyone else's family sounds so much more interesting than mine....