Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday, 6-yr-old Sy looked down at my ring and asked, "Ms. B, do you have a husband?"
I said, "Yes." She asked, "What is his name?" I replied, "hm-sh-dsfksdfkjdakdj," in other words, mumbling. She repeated, "His name is what?" Again, I answered, "hm-sh-dsfksdfkjdakdj." She ran off and told a friend, "Hey, Ms. B's husband's name is hm-sh-dsfksdfkjdakdj."

I love the gullibility at this age. One day I had brought about a hundred q-tips in my lunchbag that I was going to use for a project. When I took out my lunch, q-tips spilled out onto the table. The kids asked, "What are all those q-tips for?" I replied, "I was going to eat them for snack, but now that they've touched the table, I may just have to throw them away." At least two of the younger ones went home and told their parents that their teacher eats q-tips.

Years ago, a guy who taught with me (our rooms were joined) always told his first graders to be quiet when they came in the door because there was a baby sleeping in his closet. The rumor spread quickly to my classroom since we were basically in the same room.

One year after Easter, I put a trail of partially eaten carrots along the window ledge of the classroom. Those first graders were POSITIVE the Easter Bunny had been there! Unfortunately, I cannot do that this year because I am with the kids all the time, so they would see me doing that.

I had a fourth grade teacher who had us convinced (now, this was fourth grade, so she must have been very good at storytelling) that she had antennaes under her hair, i.e. that she was from another planet.

These kids I teach love to sing so I am constantly making up songs to fit situations we are in. Then I catch them singing the songs later. Sometimes they ask me what CD the songs are from. They don't get that I just make the songs up in my head. LOL

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