Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday musings

Was on my way home from work today, driving in a 40 mph zone. Looked down, and I was cruising along at a smooth 60 mph. Tell me I'm not ready to get home!

My boss was practically begging me today to work this summer, even if I can just work a couple of hours a day, even if I need to take off to go out of town. Is she kidding? I don't even want to work for her NOW much less this summer!

Tomorrow is prom. Both of my girls are going. Both of them got new dresses which I have not seen, and new shoes. Years ago, I used to daydream about their proms, of them getting dressed, me helping them do their hair and makeup. Taking their photographs. But that is not going to happen. They will not have their mother helping them. It is heartbreaking. I will probably get a few texted pictures from one of them but not the other. There are so many memories that I am not making with them, and it breaks my heart. I just pray that on their wedding days, that they will change their minds about my involvement in their special day.

But there is a bright spot to my weekend! J and I are going to San Antonio tomorrow! And we are staying in San Marcos!!!! I cannot wait!! Life is good afterall.

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Diane said...

i feel for you. i hope that the memories you make together with J in san marcos will be wonderful.