Thursday, April 30, 2009


Waving "hello" to my new friends, E and L who live in San Antonio! I got to meet them both at their beautiful home Saturday night, and the four of us went to dinner at Tomatillo's. The manager brought us a complimentary order of nachos, and the margaritas were wonderful, even though I believe I may have had an allergic reaction to that brand of tequila! We enjoyed swapping love stories, and J and E had a lot of catching up to do. These are our first gay couple friends (not sure how to word this sentence), and I have to admit, it is a bit different for me, especially the conversation. Very laid back and comfortable to me, though. Can't wait to go back to S.A. and meet some of their friends! If I am unsuccessful making gay friends here in Houston, maybe I will at least be able to make some there!
If I don't find a job before June 1st, I am getting back on a plane -- believe it or not -- and going to Florida to see my grandmother, I imagine for the last time. I need some time with her alone, to tell her about J and I, and to hang out with her one more time. She is the coolest grandma you can imagine. I am going to miss her sooooo much one day. She has survived two mastectomies and countless other surgeries and procedures. She is the most "unlazy" person I have ever known in my life. She is 90, and today washed down all of her patio furniture. Tomorrow she will wash her car. I hope and pray that I will still be as active as she is in my old age. Old age. Shudder.
*** Note to Lorrie and Rebecca*** HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!


LL Cool Joe said...

Wow your Grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. Have a good weekend. :)

Rebecca said...

Hi B, hope you get to visit your Grandma!
On our way soon! Take care