Friday, April 17, 2009

My Skirt is Giving Me a Headache

Those of you who have been reading me awhile know that I have OCD. I am not sure that J knew what she was getting into when we reunited because when we were younger, I was not diagnosed with it, and I really didn't know how to explain it. It did not really get bad until around 1991 or so, and we weren't together at that time.

My OCD is a bit difficult to treat because even though I do still have a few "rituals", most of my OCD is obsessive rather than compulsive. I just want to thank J for sticking by me even after living with me since October. I know it cannot be easy.

I have thoughts that are totally unrelated to anything, that make absolutely no sense, and they will sometimes stick around for weeks. A recent example would be my obsession with the fact that the last package of Tostitos we bought are oval-shaped, not circular-shaped. I will think about this at all times of the day, while going to sleep at night, and -- well, at very intimate times, as well. Who wants to be intimate with someone who is thinking of Tostitos.

Like one of my students told me this week, "Ms. B, my skirt is giving me a headache." While one has absolutely nothing to do with the other (her skirt was too tight), each feeling or thought must be realized and dealt with. Otherwise, it will continue to stick around. Such is the idea of CBT -
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which has been a lifesaver for me.

So if you know someone with OCD tendencies, I highly recommend it. It is not pleasant to think about, but facing your obsessions will eventually make them less powerful.


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