Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Letter Sent

Below is a letter I sent to a local radio station today regarding a radio host's comments this morning:

April 8, 2009
Dear Mr. Patrick,
I have been listening to Ed Hendee for years, since he replaced John Mathews years ago. I think he’s wonderful and have met him and Nina several times, as well as eaten at his restaurant A Taste of Texas. But I have to tell you that I was most disappointed in comments Ed made this morning regarding Michelle Obama. I did not vote for her husband and am not a fan of Michelle’s at all, but Ed referred to her as a “political witch.” Pat Gray replied, “Oh, you mean a ditch?” And Ed responded, “Go back two letters,” and then mentioned that the word sounded kind of like “beach.” I am just glad that my two teenagers were not in the car listening at that time as they sometimes are. I feel like it was said in extremely poor taste. Thank you for The Voice of Texas and for allowing me to voice my concerns.


________, Houston

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