Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You May Have a New Partner!

Okay, okay. I read maybe twenty blogs a day, and what can I say? I sometimes get you girls mixed up. I KNOW that FG and Leo go together (I have been reading them forever). I know that Rebecca and Lorrie go together. I know that GG and CC go together. Hmmm, after that, I get some of you paired up with the wrong partners. I will be reading a blog and think to myself, "Now, wait a minute. That can't be. She is so and so's wife!" For some reason, this is especially true between bloggers who share common blog background colors. Guess I AM pretty visual. I am going to have to make some kind of log or something to keep you all straight (no pun intended); it's ridiculous! Maybe some kind of blogger tree? Do any of you do the same thing? PLEASE remember that I am with J!!! LOL I am too embarrassed to say the women I have mixed up, but it would make for some hysterical reading, let me tell you! I think photos help me a lot, but I know that many of you do not like to post photos. So please excuse my posts if I accidentally hook you up with the wrong girlfriend/wife in my comments. It is NOT intentional. Julie and Vodka Mom, I don't hook you up with anyone, just so you know. I've got you in the right places! But, Julie, I hope to see you paired with that special someone soon.

Tomorrow is the interview at the doggie boutique. Can you see me selling dog clothes? I love dogs, so this can't be a HORRIBLE job. There are internet sales involved, which I have done lots of in the past. My ideal situation would be for the owner to say to me, "By the way, we (his/her partner) and I are gay. Do you have any problem with that?" I would probably take that job immediately. Ha ha. My biggest fear is that it is run by a fundamental Christian family. I don't want to reveal my life during an interview, but I am hoping that someday I will find a job where I won't fear coming out later on. By "fear", I mean that people at the company will not make my life miserable because of my relationship with J. Wish me luck! Will update ya on Friday!

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A) I hope I'm one of the 20; and
B) I'm with Jess; and
C) Thanks for commenting! :)