Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, it looks like I am invited to my parents' house on Christmas Day after all. I don't know that I will be there for gift opening (that usually happens at 11:00 a.m, and I am invited for dinner at 2:00), but at least I am invited! My mother actually CALLED ME to invite me. Things are looking up. Okay, so I know I will not be sitting near my ex this year at the table, so where will I be told to sit? (Yes, there is always a seating arrangement). My mom said she is inviting some neighbors who don't have a place to go, so I am thinking that maybe we should not sit at the table at all. There would be too many anyway. I am wondering if we will say "THE PRAYER." It is a custom for us at the table. I am wondering if my dad will cry; he often does when something traumatic has happened during the year. I am going to make a special effort to look happy. Well, what am I saying? I WILL be happy to be with my kids! I will miss spending Christmas morning with them when they check their stockings, but at least I will see them!

J and I may spend Christmas a.m. opening gifts, etc. I think I will make her a special breakfast. I already have something in mind. Then when I come home later that evening, we can spend some more time together. She will be at her mom's while I am at my parents'.

Friday night I am supposed to take my 18-yr-old out to dinner. Wish me luck. She doesn't talk much in the first place, so this should be quite interesting. I thought that after dinner, if she has some shopping to do, I could take her to the mall. However, the mall is too closeby where we used to live. I am trying to stay away from places people I know might run into. My youngest and I ran into two women from the church the other night. They talked and talked to her, but only said "hi" to me.

Well, I have to go now. The apartment needs a good cleaning. I notice that it is now starting to appear a bit cluttered since we have been her a couple of months. I need to try to keep on top of that. I was thinking to myself a few weeks ago, "Man, we sure are neater than we were in college!" But now I look around and realize that there are many things that could be put away. I need to buy more hangers. I cannot stand the closet looking like it does with our clothes stacked on the shelves.

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