Sunday, December 21, 2008


These are pics of my daughters. They are both trying sooo hard to be strong right now through the holidays. I wonder if they know how much I miss them and love them? I wonder if they will ever understand that the choice I made, I made BECAUSE I love them so much? I doubt it. I am proud of them for continuing with their lives in a fairly normal way; they both have jobs, go to school, have lots of friends and activities. I was afraid that they would turn inward and crash, but so far, they are doing pretty much what they would be doing if I were there. They have leaned on friends, their dad, and each other. And, of course, they have God to lean on. Well, I just thought I would share their pictures with you! These were taken about a year ago, so they have matured quite a bit since then.


Rebecca said...

Have your lovely daughters read your blog? Or at least your 18 year old?
It is a wonderful expression of what you have and are going through. Could you share it with them maybe.
Just a thought.

Vodka Mom said...

they are amazing. and so are you!

nina said...

what beautiful girls you have!

i don't know the back story about them because i just started reading you this evening but (((HUGS))) to you. i know how much you miss them.