Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Well, one of my student's dad (is that how you say it) came home today from Iraq for a visit. Her mom dropped her off this a.m. and said, "I'm going home to take a shower and pick up hubby at airport. I will bring him by later to see (the daughter)." My first thought was, if my spouse were coming home after a long stint in Iraq, we would not make it to the school at all! When the couple show up a few hours later, the mom has on a TIGHT cotton top with her boobs hanging out. Now, why is it we always think we should wear our boobs hanging out for our spouses? LOL This lady usually wears loose fitting t-shirts. Ha ha. I just thought it was funny and VERY obvious.

Today was very difficult to get through; I feel like crap. I am coming down with something. Not happy about that at all because I was going to make bread all weekend! And call me stupid, but I have been smelling gasoline all day. I have washed my hands over and over but still smell it, and I haven't even been near gasoline in about a week.

Saw in the news that it was really snowing in Las Vegas. I wish it would do that on March 1st! As of right now we have about 8 or 9 people going with us!

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Sabrae said...

Well I wish I could come on March 1st! lol It's supposed to be snowing here in ohio...but the weather man lies I tell you!