Thursday, December 11, 2008

Church Mail

Okay. The letter from the church basically said (per J), that I should repent or go to hell, that I am basically kicked out of the church, that I should reconcile my family. J will not let me read the letter. My grandmother's letter was positive in the fact that she wants to hear from me, but she obviously has not been told why I left. She said she doesn't want to know but that she still loves me. She can't imagine what would make me leave the girls but to not let him have everything after 19 years of marriage. All for now.


Sabrae said...

hmmm not sure what to say...... go tell the church to love you for you and not to judge!!!

Rebecca said...

I had to write to let you know that the church is so wrong. I too am a Christian. Though lately I have been thinking of using the term follower of Christ instead. I want to give you some links to check out. I had what I believe to be an epiphany before I came out that I was indeed created a lesbian and could therefore no longer feel the shame that had been put on me from so called "Christians". Afterward it was nice to read up on some others feelings toward this sad use of the scriptures against so many of Gods children.
And I would also suggest visiting Soulforce at
they have a wonderful way of confronting the bigotry we face from those who would like to take away our rights and send up back into the closet.
All my best to both of you!

Angela said...

Hi! I am so sorry this has happened and so glad to read all your posts from the last couple years. Jesus wanted us to live life abundantly and we can't do that when we are lying to everyone around us. I'm praying for you guys!!

RiverPoet said...

'scuse me for saying so, but I think I'd tell THEM to go to hell.