Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Always Manage to Embarrass Myself

J is always commenting about how "cute" I am when I do stupid things, like the way I ALWAYS leave drawers and the medicine cabinet open. I can never seem to close them all the way. Or how I irritate her because I take my clothes off inside out. She does the laundry and has, quite simply, stopped turning them right side out for me; I have to do it for myself, sigh.

Today, like all the others, I showed my blonde side. We have an island in the kitchen with four cabinets and two drawers. I was looking for a certain pan and opened the left cabinet. I saw our Pampered Chef pizza stone still in its box. No pan in there. Went to the other side of the island and opened up the right cabinet, lo and behold, another Pampered Chef pizza stone! Went BACK to the original cabinet (just to double check) -- yep, there's a pizza stone still in the box. I went in the bathroom and yelled to J in the shower, "Hey, why do we have two Pampered Chef pizza stones?" She yelled back, "I have no idea what you are talking about!" Okay, go ahead and laugh, I had just gotten out of bed, you know. There is ONE pizza stone, but the cabinet opens on both sides of the island! These are the kinds of embarrassing moments I have. When I have one, I do it right!

Today, at my local Borders bookstore, after I huffed and puffed myself to the half-way landing of the stairs, I was met by a book about being fit and in shape. Ugh! Don't remind me!

To Rebecca below, no, my girls have not been given my blog site. They are not ready for that, believe me. Maybe someday, though. They do not want me to mention J's name, much less read about her.

J is at her family's Christmas today, so I took the opportunity to wrap all my gifts. Now, I'm going to go curl up on the couch, watch Monk (my favorite), and anxiously await for J to come home!

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Rebecca said...

Ah, um, you aren't the only one who does things like that with the pizza stone, LOL.
And I am sure that one day the girls will come to the realization that you are truly in love and that's what it is all about after all.