Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today I ran to the mailbox to beat J there. There is a CD of pics coming in the mail that I don't want her to get her eyes on. No CD, darn it. But I got two pieces of mail, one from my grandmother in Florida who I have not spoken to in over two months and one from my "church." I can't open either one. J is going to have to do it. What in the world could my church have to say that I want to hear? I already got a call from one of the elders telling me that the church does not approve of my lifestyle choice, but that we are all sinners and can be forgiven.

My grandmother would not have taken the time to write, I don't think, unless she is wanting to talk to me. I was closer to her than to my own mother. I called her once or twice a week before J and I got back together. I have sent her cards telling her how much I miss her. I have left messages on her answering machine on her Bingo nights. But for some reason I simply cannot hear her voice. Being a disappointment to her will crush me. Pray that the contents of her letter are good, please. At this point, I don't even know how much she knows.

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Sabrae said...

Don't you just love churches??? And they had the nerve to call you???? wow that's some balls!!! They way I see it Judge not least you shall be judged! We love who we love! To me it's not a gender issue... it's the person!