Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

January 2010

* I didn't do too well on my resolution.
* I talked to my 13-yr-old self.
* My parents ignored my invitation.

February 2010

* I came out to a friend.

March 2010

* I brought my daughter to our apartment.

April 2010

* I still wasn't able to come out to my maternal grandmother.
* I started another book in my head but dropped the idea pronto.
* J and I faced rejection for the umpteenth time.
* The first of many fires starts in our neighborhood.

May 2010

* I finally came out to my maternal grandmother.
* As usual, I was treated like a queen.
* I questioned my sanity.

June 2010

* J and I joined the church.
* K20 told me she loved me for the first (and last) time.
* I know longer felt safe at work.
* I started an OCD blog.
* I helped decorate the pride float.
* My paternal grandmother started sleeping with a potato.

July 2010

* I got an astronomical number of hits from this one post. Go figure.
* I got acquainted with the stairwell at work.

August 2010

* K17 made me proud.
* K17 and I finally have the talk.
* K20 and I finally have the talk.

September 2010

* K17 admitted she knows a bisexual.
* My parents met J after almost 30 years.
* J was in a major wreck.
* I got a new do.


* I want on a Facebook fast for the month.


* J and went on a day trip to Brenham.


LL Cool Joe said...

Happy New Year to you!

Jude said...

Cool posting. And a Facebook fast for a whole month? That just gave me chills.

Happy New Year!